Learnable Parameters in an Artificial Neural Network explained

In this video, we’re going to talk about learnable parameters within an artificial neural network. These parameters are also referred to as trainable parameters. As it turns out, we’ve already talked a lot about learnable parameters in a neural network, but we haven’t necessarily given…

Bias in an Artificial Neural Network explained | How bias impacts training

In this video, we’ll be discussing the bias present within artificial neural networks, so let’s get to it. When reading up on artificial neural networks, you may have come across the term “bias.” It’s sometimes just referred to as bias. Other times you may see…

How artificial intelligence is reshaping our lives

… effects are just starting. “Artificial intelligence has the potential to impact … Science. “Within 10 years, artificial intelligence will be extremely disruptive.… of movies. For Patrick Pilarski, artificial intelligence exists on the same technological … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Economics of STEEM and Steemit

In this video, we discuss the economics within the STEEM network, like where the value of STEEM tokens comes from, how the price is determined, and how Steemit incorporates the underlying economics from STEEM into their social media platform. In previous videos of this playlist,…

Visualizing Convolutional Filters from a CNN – YouTube

In this video, we learn how to visualize the convolutional filters within the convolutional layers of a CNN using Keras and the VGG16 network. This visualization process gives us a better understanding of how these convolutional neural networks learn.


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