Cisco has the edge with artificial intelligence and machine learning

… top tier talent who understand artificial intelligence and machine learning. They are … the company to invest in artificial intelligence tech. Like the cars and … of AI. Cisco already embeds artificial intelligence in technologies like our Webex … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Text to Binary explained | Introducing bits and bytes for programming beginners

The key to understanding how we transform text into binary is to first understand character encoding and then to understand positional numeral systems. Prerequisites videos: Numerical data explained – Textual data explained – Unicode explained – Numeral vs Number – Binary…

Senators Call for Artificial Intelligence Commission to Compete with China

… the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence we will better understand how … the use of artificial intelligence. The military applications of artificial intelligence are a major … for human commanders to follow. Artificial intelligence, broadly defined as computer systems … VISIT THE SOURCE…

Here Are 10 Things You Should Know About Deep Learning – AI Trends

Most IT leaders have heard of deep learning, but few really understand how this new technology works. Deep learning burst onto the public consciousness in 2016 when Google’s AlphaGo software, which was based on deep learning, beat the human world champion at the board game Go….

The Best Way To Prepare For Artificial Intelligence In Public Relations

… science degree to understand how artificial intelligence will bring value to the … ’t lay claim to emotional intelligence, a cornerstone of all PR … sleepwalking into the issue of artificial intelligence. It’s an issue that … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Artificial Intelligence Will Make Marketers Even Smarter In 2018

Shutterstock Each of us has a comfort level with things that we know and understand. That’s why artificial intelligence scares us so much. It’s new and unfamiliar. Knowing that someone out in cyberspace learned something about the items we need and the services that we…

We can’t imagine what real artificial intelligence will be like, and it doesn’t care

Grasping the true potential of artificial intelligence (AI) is like trying to understand how a mantis shrimp sees the world. Mantis shrimp have the best colour vision of any creature on the planet. Humans can perceive just a paltry snippet of the entire electromagnetic spectrum….