FitKids uses artificial intelligence to help students perform better

… education, is increasingly relying on artificial intelligence to do so. “There are … product line. The tool uses artificial intelligence to offer a way of … reports with ease. When discussing artificial intelligence, the tool forms pictures of … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

WIPO Translate: Republic of Korea is First to Adopt WIPO’s “Artificial Intelligence” – Powered Patent Translation Tool

… is adopting WIPO’s ground-breaking “artificial intelligence”-based translation tool for patent … other web-based products also using artificial intelligence. WIPO Translate powers PATENTSCOPE, a … Offices on ICT Strategies and Artificial Intelligence for IP Administration.” Under the … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Introduction to Random Number Generators for Machine Learning in Python

Randomness is a big part of machine learning. Randomness is used as a tool or a feature in preparing data and in learning algorithms that map input data to output data in order to make predictions. In order to understand the need for statistical methods…

How Artificial Intelligence Has Made Its Way From Wall Street’s Top Hedge Funds To Retail Investors

The use of Artificial Intelligence as an investing tool was … lowered. The Institutional Arms Race Artificial intelligence first gained prominence among the … into quant funds that employ artificial intelligence. In 2016, investments in quant … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Stefanini Drives Artificial Intelligence Project in One of the Largest Banks in Brazil

… and efficiency through Aixa, an artificial intelligence tool. More than 150,000 … , “The automated attendance with artificial intelligence is not just another trend … , marketing, mobility, personalized campaigns and artificial intelligence services for traditional solutions such … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: