DeepMind – Safe Artificial Intelligence – Victoria Krakovna

There are many types of interpretability, from identifying influential features and data points to learning disentangled representations. Which of these are the most relevant for building safe AI systems? We will examine how different safety problems benefit from different types of interpretability, and what questions…

#7 Buy side stop orders | Trading fees and execution on GDAX – YouTube

In this video, we are going to continue our discussion on stop orders. There are two ways to configure a buy side stop order, and I’m going to show you which one you should use and which one you should lose. The GDAX playlist can…

Artificial intelligence used to identify bacteria

In many laboratories, from clinical to pharmaceutical, there is a shortage of microbiologists trained in identification – the process of determining one genus or species of bacterium or fungus from another. Perhaps, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center researchers contend, artificial intelligence can address this shortfall….


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