Apple’s AI Strategy, For Better or Worse, Stands Apart From the Rest of Big Tech – AI Trends

Apple’s artificial intelligence strategy continues to be focused on running workloads locally on devices, rather than relying heavily on cloud-based resources, as competitors Google, Amazon, and Microsoft do. While this fits in with Apple’s core business — selling devices — and the company’s emphasis on user privacy, it…

Deep Learning: Turkey’s biggest artificial intelligence community

… national, artificial intelligence strategy in Turkey. Kızrak said: “In artificial intelligence works … ;s first artificial intelligence question-answer website The first question-answer website in artificial intelligence was … language with artificial intelligence with one of his friends. This artificial intelligence application is … VISIT…

HUL to use Artificial Intelligence to predict your grocery needs

… technology, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. “HUL’s data strategy would … —a software that uses several artificial intelligence techniques—to gauge demand, volume … . Also, with the use of artificial intelligence, the software keeps improvising itself … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Intel’s CEO Talks Stock Sale, Manufacturing, and Artificial Intelligence

… 10nm to hurt 7nm. 3. Artificial intelligence strategy Krzanich was asked about … strategy “for leading in artificial intelligence.”  Krzanich’s answer … ).  “So, we think about artificial intelligence across that spectrum and are … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Artificial intelligence research is ramping up around the world

… large has adopted the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy, worth $125-million, which will … from the House of Lords Artificial Intelligence Committee states that while the … raising billions, with investment in artificial intelligence startups showing rapid growth. Where … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Goldman Sachs has made a big hire from Amazon to lead its artificial intelligence efforts

… to drive machine learning and artificial intelligence strategy and automation,” the … he was responsible for the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Amazon Web Services … to drive machine learning and artificial intelligence strategy and automation,” Elisha … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Best Paper of NIPS2017 – Safe & Nested Subgame Solving for Imperfect-Information Games – YouTube

Presented by Noam Brown. “In imperfect-information games, the optimal strategy in a subgame may depend on the strategy in other, unreached subgames. Thus a subgame cannot be solved in isolation and must instead consider the strategy for the entire game as a whole, unlike perfect-information…