How attending an interdisciplinary college teaching conference immediately impacted my classroom practices | PLOS Blogs Network

0000-0002-8715-2896 As a scientist and science education researcher, I never expected to find innovations and strategies for my classroom from diverse areas such as sociology, physical geography, education and community studies.  Now I realize, why VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE How attending an interdisciplinary college teaching…

Nyalleng Moorosi Interview – Data Science for Poaching Prevention and Disease Treatment

For today’s show, I’m joined by Nyalleng Moorosi, Senior Data Science Researcher at The Council for Scientific & Industrial Research or CSIR, in Pretoria, South Africa. In our discussion, we discuss two major projects that Nyalleng is apart of at the CSIR, one, a predictive…

Demis Hassabis – Learning From First Principles – Artificial Intelligence NIPS2017

December 9th, 2017 Demis Hassabis is a British artificial intelligence researcher, neuroscientist, computer game designer, entrepreneur, and world-class games player. Demis is the founder & CEO DeepMind.

Greg Diamos Interview – Accelerating Deep Learning with Mixed Precision Arithmetic – YouTube

In this show I speak with Greg Diamos, senior computer systems researcher at Baidu. Greg joined me before his talk at the Deep Learning Summit, where he spoke on “The Next Generation of AI Chips.” Greg’s talk focused on some work his team was involved…

The Future of the Genomic Editing Revolution – Prof. George Church – CRISPR – YouTube

Dr. George Church, renowned researcher and visionary in the fields of genetic sequencing, synthetic biology, genome engineering and evolutionary biology, visited UC Berkeley and gave this talk about the future of CRISPR technology and its impact on society. Recorded: January 26, 2017

What an artificial intelligence researcher fears about AI

… University (THE CONVERSATION) As an artificial intelligence researcher, I often come across … to influence the ethics of artificial intelligence systems. It’s likely … will have fueled capitalism with artificial intelligence laborers serving only very few … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

The Trouble with Bias – NIPS 2017 Keynote – Kate Crawford #NIPS2017 – YouTube

Kate Crawford is a leading researcher, academic and author who has spent the last decade studying the social implications of data systems, machine learning and artificial intelligence. She is a Distinguished Research Professor at New York University, a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research New York,…


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