Computer Graphics | DDA Algorithm with numerical problems | Graphics Algorithms

+++++Please Like Share & Subscribe +++++ ++++Click on the Time Stamp to reach the content directly++++ 00:49 Graphics Primitives 02:44 Point v/s Pixel 04:21 Mathematical Line 07:23 Line Drawing Algorithm 12:05 Requirements for Line Drawing Algorithm 15:55 Stair Case Effect 19:59 DDA Algorithm 25:43 Pseudo…

Artificial Intelligence | Problem Solving Agent | Problem Formulation in AI

++++Please Like Share & Subscribe++++ Introduction to Artificial Intelligence- a modern approach, Tutorial series on artificial intelligence, Goal Based Agent, Problem Solving agent, problem formulation, search algorithms, Artificial intelligence Introduction to artificial intelligence Definition of intelligence Online course on artificial intelligence artificial intelligence a modern…

For artificial intelligence, good quality data is a necessity, says Guido Jouret

… implementing digital technologies like automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT, you advise … . AI is also improving the intelligence of robots, especially on shop … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning not just for geeks; they can help SMEs, traders too

… how digital technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and … further added that innovation the Artificial Intelligence sector is moving at a … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Most Americans say artificial intelligence will replace humans

… automation and advanced technologies like artificial intelligence.  That said, most experts suggest … recent interview. He singled out artificial intelligence, or AI, as the … other end of the spectrum, artificial intelligence is being used in the … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Using artificial intelligence to make cameras smart, sometimes eerily so

… like eyes disconnected from any intelligence. They captured anything you put … finds interesting. Others are using artificial intelligence to make cameras more useful … and learn to recognize faces — intelligence meant to avoid false alarms … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Soul Machines Builds Enterprise Traction, Signs Marquee Deals in Its Quest to Humanize Artificial Intelligence

… like artificial intelligence.” “We meet this challenge with a unique combination of artificial … enrich the user experience for Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms. The University of … Kong-based Horizons Ventures, a leading artificial intelligence and virtual reality investor. Media … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE…

“Plague Ship: Solar Queen Saga” (Twilight Zone-Style SF Audiobook)

This is one of the best SF books I ever come across. It’s like Twilight Zone mixed with fast-paced suspenseful space opera. A must listen for all the hardcore SF fans. Enjoy! “Plague Ship: Solar Queen Saga” (Twilight Zone-Style SF Audiobook) by Andre Norton


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