These 4 Apps Powered by AI Will Strengthen Your Business – AI Trends

Leaders know they need technology to advance their businesses and boost their teams — but many of them are scared to use it. They’re not alone; Americans as a whole fear technology more than death. Christopher Bader, a sociology professor at Chapman University and one of the authors…

NSF Issues Statement on Artificial Intelligence for American Industry

… leaders at an event on Artificial Intelligence for American Industry. National Science … and issued the following statement. Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming every segment … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Here Are 10 Things You Should Know About Deep Learning – AI Trends

Most IT leaders have heard of deep learning, but few really understand how this new technology works. Deep learning burst onto the public consciousness in 2016 when Google’s AlphaGo software, which was based on deep learning, beat the human world champion at the board game Go….

Artificial Intelligence Conference & Exhibition, RAI, Amsterdam, June 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The high-level conference will bring together forward thinking brands, market leaders, AI evangelists and hot start-ups to explore and debate the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and the impacts within the Enterprise & Consumer sectors. Topics covered include Business Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, AI Algorithms,…