ClaimsCapture™ release includes artificial intelligence, EDI 837 & black-and-white support

… a tremendous amount of business intelligence. “Looking forward, it goes … capabilities, and even a built-in artificial intelligence (AI) “knowledge worker… VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

[Occult Wisdom Lecture] How to Learn from Your Mistakes and Grow Spiritually

The volume goes up after first 40 seconds. This is from an old cassette tape and the volume fluctuates but the lecture itself is invaluable. The lecturer Manly P. Hall was a master in all the aspects of mental/spiritual development.

Artificial intelligence will soon help paramedics recognize heart attacks

January 28, 2018 When someone goes into cardiac arrest, “the chance of survival decreases about 10 percent with each minute,” said Adele Peters at Fast Company​. Time is of the essence. Recognizing that the patient has actually entered cardiac arrest — the first step in…

Behind the Scenes at CES 2018 with AI-Powered Smart Home Camera – YouTube

This Week in Machine Learning & AI host Sam Charrington goes behind the scenes of CES 2018 with Lighthouse Co-Founder & CEO Alex Teichman on their AI-Powered Smart Home Camera of the same name. This is only a short viewing of the Lighthouse, be sure…


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