‘Frankenstein AI: A Monster Made by Many’ Is Here to Assuage Your Fears of Artificial Intelligence — Watch

… : Interactive ‘Frankenstein’ Experience Shows How Artificial Intelligence Could Be Storytelling’s Future … upend the dystopian view of artificial intelligence as well as “provoke and … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Top 25 Artificial Intelligence Companies

… the future of artificial intelligence and its capabilities. We featured artificial intelligence companies that … recently announced Salesforce Einstein, their artificial intelligence service. Their latest initiative, which … ; timelines. 23. ViSenze ViSenze’s artificial intelligence technology works by recommending visually … VISIT THE SOURCE…

Sam Harris & Steve Jurvetson – The Future of Artifical Intelligence

Sam Harris and Steve Jurvetson discuss the future of artificial intelligence at Tim Draper’s CEO Summit. Sam Benjamin Harris is an author, philosopher, neuroscientist, blogger, and podcast host. Stephen T. Jurvetson is an American businessman and venture capitalist. He is formerly a partner of Draper…

Six amazing artificial intelligence advances in agriculture

… ’s future.” We know that artificial intelligence excels at image processing – computers … talk about machine learning and artificial intelligence, we often talk about algorithms … about creating chatbots for farmers, artificial intelligence personalities like the smart home … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE…

Welsh company starts trial of artificial intelligence system for ultrasound scanning of pregnant women

… future will be scanned using artificial intelligence if a pilot being carried … in south-west London. ScanNav uses artificial intelligence to carry out a real-time … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

EU justmins discuss legal issues re artificial intelligence, robotics

Justice ministers of the European Union discussed the future of the European Prosecutor’s Office and legal issues concerning artificial intelligence and robotics, Estonian Justice Minister Urmas Reinsalu introduced to his colleagues the new information system of the Estonian court system, for which a speech recognition…

The End of The Biological Era & The Rise of Machines – Prof. Yuval Harari – YouTube

Yuval Harari has studied the history of humanity on the planet earth and argues that the future holds a wider divide between the techno super rich who are looking to achieve immortality and the economically useless class who have been superseded by machines. Sept, 2017


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