View: Artificial Intelligence can destroy jobs but sex bots may wreck much more

… Aiyar Many analysts worry that artificial intelligence (AI) — embedded in machines capable … of sex robots, artificial charmers armed with artificial beauty plus artificial intelligence, that have … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Pre-Switch Announces Cross-Platform Soft-Switching Technology Using Artificial Intelligence

… Pre-Flex™ Technology, an embedded AI (Artificial Intelligence) controller IC (Integrated Circuit) which … semiconductors, power systems, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Pre-Flex technology is patent pending … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Will artificial intelligence take human jobs?

[embedded content] Clara Labs CEO and Co-Founder Maran Nelson talks about opportunities for people to work with artificial intelligence (AI) and tries to simplify AI for the audience at MSNBC and Recode’s Revolution: Google and YouTube Changing the World town hall. About msnbc News