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0000-0002-9890-5451 Calling all physicists, chemists, earth scientists, computer scientists and engineers: help PLOS ONE make science more open, more reproducible and more transparent. PLOS ONE is known for its multi- and interdisciplinary approach. The journal VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Making a home for the Physical…

One of Stephen Hawking’s final acts was to warn humanity about dangers of artificial intelligence and overpopulation

… warned about the dangers of artificial intelligence and overpopulation on Earth before … population had quadrupled. Hawking said artificial intelligence can be both a good … ‘exploring the impact of artificial intelligence‘. He expressed his belief … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

The End of The Biological Era & The Rise of Machines – Prof. Yuval Harari – YouTube

Yuval Harari has studied the history of humanity on the planet earth and argues that the future holds a wider divide between the techno super rich who are looking to achieve immortality and the economically useless class who have been superseded by machines. Sept, 2017

The Future of Human Civilization – Cyborgs, AI & The Posthuman Era – Prof. Martin Rees – YouTube

“Here on Earth, I suspect that we are going to want to regulate the application of genetic modification and cyborg techniques on grounds of ethics and prudence. This links with another topic I want to come to later about the risks of new technology. If…