Artificial Intelligence is Dumber Than a Bee. For Now!

… be exciting. Artificial intelligence will learn to create other artificial intellects more efficient … is even more magical. Modern artificial intelligence does not need to define … of artificial intelligence will be present in all spheres of life. Will artificial intelligence … VISIT THE…

For artificial intelligence to thrive, it must explain itself

… dreamed up, attempts to create artificial intelligence (AI) were floundering, so both … minds. They argue that, since artificial neural networks are supposed to … kind of processing artificial intuition. Dr Bengio says such artificial intuition was … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Posting on Steemit and navigating the site

In this video, we first discuss how to create a post on Steemit. We do this by showing a demo of posting a YouTube video and some text within a post. We also touch on how video links should be embedded in the post, rather…

MIT launches MIT IQ, aims to spur human, artificial intelligence breakthroughs, bolster collaboration

… engineer human intelligence, create new algorithms for machine learning and artificial intelligence and … MIT discoveries in natural and artificial intelligence across multiple disciplines. The Bridge … approach to artificial intelligence. He added that reverse engineering human intelligence has led … VISIT THE SOURCE…

Scientists use artificial intelligence to create new ‘ImmunoMap’

January 8, 2018 Johns Hopkins scientists have used a form of artificial intelligence to create a map that compares types of cellular receptors, the chemical “antennas” on the surface of immune system T-cells. Their experiments with lab-grown mouse and human T-cells suggest that people with…

Andrew Ng – The State of Artificial Intelligence

Andrew Ng shares what it takes to create an “AI-first company.” Andrew Ng is the former chief scientist at Baidu, where he led the company’s Artificial Intelligence Group. He is an adjunct professor at Stanford University. November 7, 2017


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