Artificial intelligence is the weapon of the next Cold War

(The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.) Jeremy Straub, North Dakota State University (THE CONVERSATION) It is easy to confuse the current geopolitical situation with that of the 1980s. The United States and Russia each accusethe…

AI Weekly: If we create artificial intelligence, will we know it?

When people talk about creating an artificial intelligence, the conversation is often focused on human or superhuman AI — systems that would equal or surpass us in intelligence. But what if we create an artificial intelligence that’s deserving of respect, but don’t recognize it as…

What an artificial intelligence researcher fears about AI

… University (THE CONVERSATION) As an artificial intelligence researcher, I often come across … to influence the ethics of artificial intelligence systems. It’s likely … will have fueled capitalism with artificial intelligence laborers serving only very few … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:


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