New reports flip the switch on the artificial intelligence (AI) market

… where it’s headed. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a concept often … Global Artificial Intelligence Mac…orecast 2018-2023 report by HTF Market Intelligence is a … Global Artificial Intelligence Sof…and Forecast 2022 report by HTF Market Intelligence is … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Tensorflow.js – Introducing client-side neural networks

In this video, we’re going to introduce the concept of client-side artificial neural networks, which will lead us to deploying and running models, along with our full deep learning applications, in the browser. To implement this cool capability, we’ll be using Tensorflow.js (TFJS), Tensorflow’s Javascript…

Opinion: 5G, artificial intelligence, data and protecting citizens’ trust

… developing the necessary frameworks for artificial intelligence (AI). This concept has merit … ethical and legal frameworks for artificial intelligence and data, and further recommend … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Proprietary trading explained | Coinbase trading bot on GDAX | Volcker rule

In this video, we will introduce the concept of proprietary trading and discuss the proprietary trading operations of financial middlemen. What is proprietary trading? What problems emerge from proprietary trading operations of firms? How are these problems solved? GDAX playlist: Follow deeplizard on Twitter:…

Front running explained | Million dollar front runner

Let’s introduce this concept of front running. To do this, we will start by talking about what front running is, and how it relates topics we have been covering recently, specifically how it relates to makers, takers and order books. GDAX playlist: Follow deeplizard…

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) explained – YouTube

#21 in Machine Leaning / Deep Learning for Programmers Playlist In this video, we explain the concept of convolutional neural networks, how they’re used, and how they work on a technical level. We also discuss the details behind convolutional layers and filters. lesson 4:…

Unsupervised Learning explained – YouTube

In this video, we explain the concept of unsupervised learning. We also discuss applications of unsupervised learning, like clustering algorithms and autoencoders. Link to the autoencoders blog by Francois Chollet (author of Keras) mentioned in the video: