Deploy Keras neural network to Flask web service | Part 3 – Send and Receive Data with Flask

In this video, we’ll be creating a web service with Flask that can both send and receive data. In our last video, we got acquainted with Flask and built our first web service. We’ll be building on what we learned there to create a slightly…

Microsoft Build opens in Seattle with focus on artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

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How Artificial Intelligence In Hospitality Can Impact Operational Dynamics Positively?

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How artificial intelligence is influencing drug discovery

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What Can Predicting Titanic Deaths Tell Us About the Limits of Artificial Intelligence?

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For artificial intelligence to thrive, it must explain itself

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Will the Next Cold War Be Powered by Artificial Intelligence?

With artificial intelligence weapons on both sides, are … of artificial intelligence is picking up – and with good reason: As artificial intelligence software … . Putin has said he views artificial intelligence as “the future, not … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: