Region lags behind in Artificial Intelligence

… still lagging behind application of Artificial Intelligence OECS Youth Empowered Society project … lagging behind the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the various sectors … been running a programme on Artificial Intelligence, and the big debate now … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Use your brain; artificial intelligence won’t soon replace it

… to remain sceptical of modern artificial intelligence technology. The idea behind Nectome … often talk about today’s artificial intelligence—based on algorithms that essentially … is the holy grail of artificial intelligence. So far, even the most … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Backpropagation explained | Part 2 – The mathematical notation

In our last video on backpropagation, we covered the intuition behind what backpropagation’s role is during the training of an artificial neural network. Now, we’re going to focus on the math that’s underlying backprop. The math is pretty involved, and so we’re going to break…

The 3 technologies behind ARCore 1.0 – How does ARCore Work

The 3 technologies behind ARCore – How does ARCore Work Hey guys and welcome to a lecture where we’ll talk about the 3 fundamental Technologies behind ARCore. So before delving into ARCore development, let’s first see what’s under the hood of Googles Augmented Reality SDK…

Behind the Scenes at CES 2018 with AI-Powered Smart Home Camera – YouTube

This Week in Machine Learning & AI host Sam Charrington goes behind the scenes of CES 2018 with Lighthouse Co-Founder & CEO Alex Teichman on their AI-Powered Smart Home Camera of the same name. This is only a short viewing of the Lighthouse, be sure…

Research Methodology | Scientific Research | Objectives | Motivation|Task in Research – YouTube

++++Please Like, Share & Subscribe++++ 00:12 Research 01:16 Objectives of Research 01:36 Motivation behind Research 02:02 Scientific Research 02:58 Task in Research 03:40 Characteristic of Scientific Research Introduction to Research Methodology and presentation, what is research, what is Scientific Research, Objectives & Motivation behind the…


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