News: Phrasee launches artificial intelligence-powered social advertising tool

… , allows customers to test artificial intelligence-generated language at scale in … . Social marketers can create artificial intelligence-powered copy for campaigns in … and Africa, explained: “Integrating artificial intelligence into our consumer marketing and … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Datametrex Creates Artificial Intelligence Company Focused on Cannabis

… cultivators and dispensaries with business intelligence that allows them to better … industry the most effective social intelligence,” says Andrew Ryu, CEO and … four exciting verticals. Big data, Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning through its … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Can artificial intelligence help recruiters offer ‘pre-emptive’ jobs?

… recruiters are developing technology, including artificial intelligence that allows them to offer … , Hays chief executive. “Data and artificial intelligence can give you some pretty … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

OpenAI – Teaching AI Through Self-Play – Ilya Sutskever

Ilya Sutskever, Research Director at OpenAI, NIPS2017 “We’ve found that self-play allows simulated AIs to discover physical skills like tackling, ducking, faking, kicking, catching, and diving for the ball, without explicitly designing an environment with these skills in mind. Self-play ensures that the environment is…

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VRidge 2.0 – HTC Vive emulator A software that allows you to change your phone into HTC Vive headset gets a huge 2.0 update. BIALYSTOK, PODLASKIE, POLAND, January 30, 2018 / — VRidge – A software that emulates HTC Vive on Cardboard receives a huge…

The First Ever CRISPR-Edited Human Embryo – Dr. Shoukhrat Mitalipov – YouTube

An international team of researchers has used CRISPR–Cas9 gene editing — a technique that allows scientists to make precise changes to genomes with relative ease — to correct a disease-causing mutation in dozens of viable human embryos. The study represents a significant improvement in efficiency…