“Plague Ship: Solar Queen Saga” (Twilight Zone-Style SF Audiobook)

This is one of the best SF books I ever come across. It’s like Twilight Zone mixed with fast-paced suspenseful space opera. A must listen for all the hardcore SF fans. Enjoy! “Plague Ship: Solar Queen Saga” (Twilight Zone-Style SF Audiobook) by Andre Norton

Center for Artificial Intelligence forms new partnership with Microsoft | Daily Trojan

Flying across the horizons of African and Asian forests, drones created through a collaboration between the USC Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society and Microsoft operate with the intent of spotting poaching hunters. Lucas Joppa, chief enviornmental scientist for Microsoft research, spoke to students at…

The Story of Elon Musk and His ‘Quest for a Fantastic Future’ – YouTube

Elon Musk has achieved success across multiple industries, with Tesla Motors, Solar City and SpaceX all under his leadership. A biography by Bloomberg reporter Ashlee Vance digs into the stories behind Musk’s success, the CEO’s desire to colonize Mars and the respect and fear his…

What an artificial intelligence researcher fears about AI

… University (THE CONVERSATION) As an artificial intelligence researcher, I often come across … to influence the ethics of artificial intelligence systems. It’s likely … will have fueled capitalism with artificial intelligence laborers serving only very few … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:


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