Theresa May to announce how artificial intelligence will save ‘22,000 lives a year’ by 2033′

Theresa May to announce how artificial intelligence will save ‘22,000 … :36 EDT, 20 May 2018 Artificial intelligence will save 22,000 lives … part of a ‘data revolution’, artificial intelligence will allow people’s medical … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

How to Transform Data to Better Fit The Normal Distribution

A large portion of the field of statistics is concerned with methods that assume a Gaussian distribution: the familiar bell curve. If your data has a Gaussian distribution, the parametric methods are powerful and well understood. This gives some incentive to use them if possible….

Cancer death rate to be cut by 22,000 using artificial intelligence – PM

Artificial intelligence will be used to help … healthcare using the power of artificial intelligence is pioneering. Advances in detection … is promising evidence that using artificial intelligence to analyse MRI scans could … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

ndia aiming at equipping defence forces with Artificial Intelligence

… framework of the project. “Artificial Intelligence is going to influence everything … to equip defence forces with Artificial Intelligence, includes the representation from all … buyer-seller proposition,” he added. Artificial Intelligence, which along with robotics, internet … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Deploy Keras neural network to Flask web service | Part 6 – Build web app to send images to VGG16

In this video, we’ll be building the frontend web application to send images to our VGG16 Keras model being hosted by Flask. In the last video, we got our predict endpoint setup on the Flask side to receive images of cats and dogs and respond…

Belphegor (A Tale of Archdevil) by Niccolò Machiavelli (Audiobook)

Even for the Archdevil Belphegor, marriage is a trouble. Machiavelli was certainly not an one-dimensional author for sure. 😉 Belphegor, or the Marriage of the Devil (Archdevil’s Interpretation of Mundane Life) by Niccolò Machiavelli (Audiobook)

Top Tech Execs 2018: It’s Automatic Now: IT Leaders Prepare for Artificial Intelligence

… data are probably looking at artificial intelligence before automation, whereas finance companies … productivity. We have also implemented artificial intelligence within our customer feedback loops … , these initiatives will build on artificial intelligence and automation capabilities to improve … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE…

Senior Analyst, Consumer Insights (MI&A) – Twitter at Twitter in San Francisco, California |

Who We Are At Twitter, we are tasked with understanding the perceptions, needs and behaviors of our users and those of consumers and Internet users more broadly in order to inform Twitter’s marketing campaigns and strategies, position our product and feature launches for success and align a…

Deploy Keras neural network to Flask web service | Part 5 – Host VGG16 model with Flask

In this video, we’ll be building the backend of our Flask application that hosts a fine-tuned VGG16 Keras model to predict on images of dogs and cats. In general, you should be able to take our approach here and apply it to any model you’d…