Adobe To Catch Photoshopped Images With Artificial Intelligence

… use artificial intelligence to catch photoshopped images. Adobe says that using artificial intelligence to … lighting. However, Adobe believes that artificial intelligence can do a better job … . Read more about Adobe and Artificial Intelligence. Source: theblog.adobe VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

LG CEO , CTO to outline vision for ThinQ Artificial Intelligence at IFA

… LG’s ThinQ strategy for Artificial Intelligence. The first IFA keynote for … player in the field of artificial intelligence, which is why we are … electronics and services that utilize artificial intelligence. LG ThinQ products and services … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Can artificial intelligence help weed out fake news in a post-truth era?

… . This includes larger fact-checking teams, artificial intelligence, and machine-learning systems. One interviewee … lot of places.” Even as artificial intelligence is poised to play a … too few people. Could AI (artificial intelligence) fill this gap? Automated fact-checking … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE…

Ethics must come first when embracing artificial intelligence

This sense of fear has been widespread in society for as long as technological innovations have been improving our lives. It’s worth noting that people feared the invention of all sorts of transport, from cars to trains to airplanes; they feared assembly … VISIT THE…

Dr. Kam Habibi Explains How Far Artificial Intelligence Has Come

… that the idea of artificial intelligence reaching genuine intelligence is just as silly … is no “real” intelligence at work. Everything that artificial intelligence can accomplish is a programmed response. Even though artificial intelligence might … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Acobot’s Artificial Intelligence Reduces Website Bounce…

Acobot’s conversational artificial intelligence reduces website bounce rates by … bounce rate is decreased. The artificial intelligence, Aco, then takes the chances … name, one may see the artificial intelligence learns from the website and … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: