CONTRACT – Associate Data Engineer – Nintendo at Nintendo in Redmond, Washington |

This is a CONTRACT position

We are looking for a talented data engineer to help build data solutions that meet our ever growing need to understand our customer behaviors and preferences and drive success in creating personalized, relevant and enticing experiences on our ecommerce, CRM and marketing platforms.

As a data engineer on the business analysis team, you will work with our CRM, Marketing, eCommerce teams and other technical teams to provide the analytic technologies that give them timely, flexible and structured access to their data. You will be instrumental in managing our rapidly growing customer data platform. You are expected to build efficient, flexible, extensible, and scalable ETL design and mappings.

We’re looking for Data Engineers who are passionate about data architecture and data-driven decision making, uncompromisingly detail oriented, smart, efficient, and driven to help our business succeed. You know and love working with analytic tools, can write excellent SQL and Unix scripts, can partner with customers to answer key business questions, and you are an advocate for your customers. You should have extensive experience with Star Schemas, Dimensional Models, and Data marts ad working with large complex data sets. You must be a self-starter and be able to learn on the go.

Description Of Duties

In this role, the individual will work closely with the BAP data engineering personnel to:

  • Design, build and document automated scripts/data pipelines that assemble large complex datasets from various sources and integrate them into a unified view. (ETL, Extract Transform Load)
  • Identify, design, and implement operational improvements: automating manual processes, data quality checks, error handling and recovery, re-designing infrastructure as needed.
  • Create data models that will allow analytics and business teams to derive insights about customer behaviors.


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