Senior Data Scientist at Cogitativo in Berkeley, California 94710 |

Senior Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientists on our team partner with product managers, SMEs and our clients  to form a cross-functional team driving optimization of precious healthcare resources. We are looking for strong, enthusiastic data scientists to join the team focusing on value creating products. With access to more than 15 million consumer healthcare datasets, our Data Scientists rely heavily on insights gained from data to guide feature development and metrics to detect optimization opportunities and improvements in healthcare delivery. The clarity and insights that our team provides enables our clients to quickly extract value from our collective efforts.

Job responsibilities include:

Inform product strategy, influence the product roadmap, and guide product decisions by:

  • Accessing and analyzing rich healthcare data to generate insights and make proactive recommendations.
  • Formulating success metrics for optimizing healthcare resources and patient experience, creating visualization to monitor them.
  • Designing and analyzing experiments to test new ideas for optimizing improving our clients precious resources.
  • Developing models and data-driven solutions that add material insight to our clients understanding of their business and their business environment

Cogitativo’s data is amazingly rich and provides a fantastic opportunity for Data Scientists to explore and create, ultimately developing ways to improve our healthcare system. You’ll have the opportunity to work with some of the best data people anywhere in an environment that truly values data-driven decisions.

Contact: If you’re up to making an impact on humanity and this position sounds like an attractive match for you, please email your CV or profile link today.


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