YOLO9000 – TWiML Online Meetup #8 – May 2018

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YOLO9000 - TWiML Online Meetup #8 - May 2018


This video is a recap of our May 2018 TWiML Online Meetup.

In this month’s community segment we chatted about the recent demo of Google’s Duplex, a automated appointment making chatbot. We talk about the implications of bots mimicking humans, if this tech qualifies as worthy of a passing Turing test grade and more. Community member @_NicT_ also shares a medium post he wrote, inspired by our recent Differential Privacy series.

In our presentation segment, Practo senior data scientist Santosh GSK joins us to discuss the landscape of object detection, the current state of algorithms and the challenges ahead. We cover the paper YOLO9000: Better, Faster, Stronger.

For links to the papers mentioned above and more information on this and previous meetups, or to get registered for upcoming meetups, visit twimlai.com/meetup!

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