Chess Over the Board Game: Kingscrusher OTB Game : Black vs International Master in Kings Indian

Chess Over the Board Game: Kingscrusher OTB Game : Black vs International Master in Kings Indian

Quite a dramatic Over the board (OTB) game against an International Master – Richard Bates. I was playing with the Black pieces. The opening transitioned into the Kings Indian defence fianchetto variation.

White played what seemed to be an unusual knight retreat early on instead of for example Nh4. I went in for a classic looking Bh3 plan to try and weaken white on the light squares. Later it was tactically useful that white had some connection issues on the first ran with the rooks which prevented a simple win of a pawn with Qxe7 because of an important tactic with Bxc3 and Qxb1.

White later played Nd3 which may not be as accurate as Nf3. When combined with b4 to evidently try and put a lot of pressure on my pawn chain, i did seem to have a resourceful defence to try and counter against my opponents pawn chain – namely b5. After b5, things weren’t so clear especially after Bd4 later when I took the very controversial decision of giving up the guardian of the dark squares by playing the very committal looking Bxc3 which won a pawn and gave access for Nb5-d4 to try and prevent getting checkmated.

White later took a pawn on c4 which gave me some play on the c file. When the queens came off my position was still dangerously poised and I offered a draw whilst also simultaneously blundering a pawn. The draw offer was rejected and I was a pawn down but then my IM opponent immediately counter-blundered allowing a strong looking knight retreat. Instead of taking the pawn on d5, I wanted to get rid of the dangerous bishop or try and double my rooks on the 7th rank, so took that option instead.

My opponent ignored the threat on his bishop and pinned my knight instead. This led to a simplified endgame where I ended up being a pawn up but my opponent had a very dangerous and active king. When I offered a draw the second time, it was accepted. A dramatic game indeed!

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