World Chess Championship Candidates (2018): Wesley So vs Levon Aronian : rd 6: Spanish Game

World Chess Championship Candidates (2018): Wesley So vs Levon Aronian : rd 6: Spanish Game

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[Event “World Championship Candidates”]
[Site “0:14:33-0:36:33”]
[Date “2018.03.16”]
[EventDate “2018.03.10”]
[Round “6”]
[Result “1-0”]
[White “Wesley So”]
[Black “Levon Aronian”]
[ECO “C84”]
[WhiteElo “?”]
[BlackElo “?”]
[PlyCount “155”]

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.O-O Be7 6.Re1 b5 7.Bb3
O-O 8.a4 b4 9.a5 d6 10.d3 Be6 11.Bxe6 fxe6 12.Nbd2 Rb8 13.Nb3
Qc8 14.h3 Nd8 15.Be3 c5 16.Nbd2 Nc6 17.c3 Rb5 18.d4 exd4
19.cxd4 Nxa5 20.dxc5 dxc5 21.Ra2 Qb7 22.b3 Kh8 23.Qc2 Nd7
24.Rea1 Bd8 25.Nc4 Nxc4 26.Qxc4 Bf6 27.Rd1 Qc6 28.Rad2 Nb6
29.Qc2 Qc7 30.e5 Be7 31.Nd4 Rc8 32.Nxe6 Qxe5 33.Nf4 Rf8 34.Re2
Qc3 35.Qb1 Qf6 36.Bc1 c4 37.bxc4 Nxc4 38.Re6 Qg5 39.Ng6+ Qxg6
40.Rxg6 hxg6 41.Qe4 Bf6 42.Qxc4 b3 43.Ba3 Rfb8 44.Rb1 b2 45.h4
Ra5 46.Qd3 Rd8 47.Qb3 Rc8 48.Qb7 Rd8 49.Qb3 Rc8 50.Qb4 Rb5
51.Qg4 Rc3 52.Bxb2 Rxb2 53.Rxb2 Rc1+ 54.Kh2 Bxb2 55.Qxg6 Ra1
56.g4 a5 57.Qh5+ Kg8 58.Qb5 Ba3 59.Qe5 Rd1 60.Qe6+ Kh7 61.Qe4+
Kh8 62.Qa8+ Kh7 63.Qxa5 Bd6+ 64.Kg2 Rd4 65.Qf5+ Kh8 66.Qh5+
Kg8 67.g5 Kf8 68.Qg6 Be7 69.Qf5+ Ke8 70.Kh3 Rd6 71.Qh7 Kf7
72.f4 Rd4 73.Qf5+ Ke8 74.Qe5 Rb4 75.Kg4 Kf8 76.Qf5+ Ke8 77.Qe6
Rd4 78.Qe5 1-0

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