Download, Install and Setup Wikitude ARCore 1.0 in Unity

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Download, Install and Setup Wikitude ARCore 1.0 in Unity

Download, Install and setup Wikitude ARCore 1.0 in Unity

So this lecture we are going to be learning how to get started with ARCore and Wikitude in Unity as well as setup our android devices. So first things first, we are going to be downloading a few files as follows:
1. Unity 2017.3, with the latest version at the time of this recording is 2017.3.1
2. Android Studio
3. JDK or Java Development Kit
4. ARcore package, currently ARCore 1.0 is available. Now make sure you have one of these supported devices Show supported devices. Hopefully Google will make this SDK to support more android devices soon. I have experimented with the hacks from ARcoreforall github repository by tom the carrot, but it does not seem to work on my LG V30 or LG G4 so I expect that a lot of my student to have trouble as well. However you are welcome to try this hack out, to get ARcore working on unsupported devices. I will be using a Galaxy S7 which is supported by ARcore in the next lecture to demo the HelloAR app.
5. If you still don’t win, getting ARCore to run on your unsupported device there is a one last option, which is to use Wikitude. Wikitude, is an SDK for Unity that enables developers to quickly and easily build Augmented Reality apps that run on all commonly available iOS and Android devices. So basically it brings ARcore and ARkit functionality like lighting, surface detection, textures, and 3D tracking to non-supported devices. What is nice about Wikitude is that it integrates seamlessly with ARkit and ARcore so when your devices does get supported, you won’t have to worry about rehacking your code. What is also cool about Wikitude is that this SDK already supports and is integrated with ARCore and ARKit mean that it works cross platform. Their SDK automatically uses the correct AR technology under the covers based on the device you run your app on. There is no need to also import the Google ARCore plugin.

So just to be clear, this lecture we going to be running Wikitude first so that people with unsupported devices can get started and in the next lecture we’ll run the HelloARCore App, but we set up the base now so that both run.

Okay so let’s get started with ARcore ! If you only have Unity and Android setup already, you can skip ahead in this video, till the installation of Wikitude and ARcore.

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