I am making an ARCore Course for You and I’d Love Your Input!

I am making an ARCore Course for You and I’d Love Your Input!

I am making an ARCore Course for You, Click the link below to share your ideas:

Here is just a quick video to tell you about my upcoming course that I am making just for you. It is going to be on Augmented Reality using Googles AR Core. So this course will be structured as follows:

It will start with the fundamentals which is everything you’d need to know about ARcore, what it is, why it exists, and how to use it.
And then the second part will be the practical side of the course, which will be designed just for you. Meaning that you have a say in what will be included in this course and be able to share your idea’s of what you’d would like to learn.

Now we have a very quick survey which you will find in the link down below. It’s just a few questions which will take less than a minute, I would really appreciate it if you can fill it in and also so you have your voice heard as we tailor this course to your specific needs. Why? Because you guys are awesome and you are all are the reason that this channel is where it is with over 15k subscribers at the time of this recording. Also there is a bonus for the first 50 applicants who will get this course for FREE when just before it launches.

So click this link down below to complete this survey and have your say in the upcoming Augmented Reality course on ARCore.

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