Dad & Eleanor – #MyAI Contest Entry – TWiML & AI

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Dad & Eleanor - #MyAI Contest Entry - TWiML & AI

Want to sign up for the TWiML & AI #MyAI Video Contest? Head over to, fire up your webcam or smartphone camera, and tell us your story in 2 minutes or less. We want to hear your thoughts on AI for home and personal use, such as:

The role AI is playing in your home and your personal life…

Your favorite example of home/personal AI…

The home/personal AI you really want to see in your lifetime…

Where you see this all going…

We’ll post the videos to this Youtube Channel and the video with the most likes wins their choice of great prizes including a Anki Cozmo, a Lighthouse smart home camera, and more! Submissions will be taken until Feb 11th, and voting will remain open until Feb 18th. Good Luck!!

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