Axway Partners with Elastic Beam to Leverage Artificial Intelligence for API Security

PARIS, Jan 30, 2018 (BUSINESS WIRE) —
To protect global organizations against ever-increasing security
threats, Axway(AXW) a catalyst for digital transformation,
today announced a global partnership with Elastic
, an innovative Silicon Valley-based company that uses
artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to protect APIs. Together, Axway
and Elastic Beam will help organizations achieve optimal security and
ecosystem engagement by leveraging an AI engine, integrated with Axway
API Gateway
, that automatically detects and blocks new attacks on
APIs. The Elastic Beam integration leverages pre-configured Axway API
Gateway policy available through Axway Marketplace that enables
customers full control over their environment. The solution will be
featured at APIdays

APIs are an essential element for modernizing IT infrastructures and
represent a new attack surface that is increasingly targeted by hackers
to take over accounts, steal critical consumer and business data, delete
important information, commit fraud and conduct other harmful activity,
including DDoS attacks on APIs. To protect organizations against those
threats, infrastructures need to not only leverage the security of the
API gateway, but also need to dynamically identify and block hackers.
Elastic Beam uses an advanced AI engine to sort out API sessions and
traffic to identify what is abnormal or suspicious for automated

By combining the Elastic Beam solution with Axway
AMPLIFY API Management
, which enables organizations to manage the
entire API lifecycle by providing an integrated solution to create,
control, secure and consume APIs, customers can secure their digital
assets against emerging cyber threats while providing complete
visibility over their environments.

“We are witnessing an influx of API attacks globally and most go
undetected as organizations are still wrestling with this new set of
threats. In fact, many household brands have had to apologize for
well-publicized attacks that used their APIs to steal private consumer
information,” said Bernard Harguindeguy, CEO, Elastic Beam. “Elastic
Beam is pleased that we can work with an established API management
industry leader like Axway to protect against a broad range of API
cybersecurity attacks that global organizations are constantly fighting.”

Elastic Beam extends Axway’s security capabilities by offering:

  • Instant attack detection and blocking. Elastic Beam provides
    deep API traffic inspection, backed by a scalable and powerful
    artificial intelligence engine capable of determining API behavior and
    identifying threats. Elastic Beam also provides a deception
    environment that inserts decoy APIs within real ones to instantly trap
    hackers and block access.
  • Complete visibility into new API attacks via dashboards and reports.
    Using AI, Elastic Beam accelerates the gathering of evidence after an
    attack, tracks compliance and gives organizations full visibility into
    all activity. This complements Axway’s monitoring and analytics
    capabilities for visibility into new API threats.
  • Blocking cyberattacks in multi-cloud environments. The solution
    supports deployments on-premise, and in private and public cloud, and
    propagates attack information across the customer’s clouds to prevent
    attacks from reconnecting.

“We are excited about our partnership with Elastic Beam and proud that
our customers are now able to benefit from a comprehensive security
solutions for API environments. Axway implements access control, and
then rate limiting or quota for authorized consumers, Elastic Beam
complements by identifying atypical behavior based on the usage pattern
of APIs. This allows us to detect attacks even with valid credentials,”
said Suraj Kumar, VP Solution Management, Axway. “Axway is focused on
providing best in class API security at the Edge of the enterprise.
Partnering with Elastic Beam enables Axway to deliver an innovative AI
security module that detects new API threats. We wanted to enable
existing customers to easily activate this module on sensitive traffic
quickly and then do a progressive rollout.”

Supporting Resources

  • Read more about Axway and Elastic Beam here.
  • Follow Axway’s news on Twitter: @Axway

About Axway

Axway is a catalyst for transformation. With Axway
AMPLIFY™, our cloud-enabled data integration and engagement platform,
digital leaders anticipate, adapt and scale to meet rising customer
expectations. Our unified, API-first approach connects data from
anywhere, expands collaboration, fuels millions of apps and delivers
real-time analytics to build customer experience networks. From idea to
execution, we help make the future possible for more than 11,000
organizations in 100 countries. To learn more, visit

About Elastic Beam

Founded in 2014, Elastic Beam is headquartered in Redwood City, CA. The
company delivers AI-powered cybersecurity for the API-driven economy.
Elastic Beam’s flagship solution, API Behavioral Security, was built by
Silicon Valley entrepreneurs with a history of success in the Cloud
infrastructure, API Gateway, and security space. To learn more about how
Elastic Beam can bring intelligence and security to your API
environment, please visit

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