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2018-01-20 NEWDistribution Release: KaOS 2018.01
KaOS is an independent, rolling Linux distribution featuring a polished KDE Plasma desktop and the Pacman package manager. The KaOS project has released a new snapshot, KaOS 2018.01, which features fixes for the Meltdown and Spectre CPU bugs. “It is with great pleasure to present to you a first KaOS ISO for 2018. The policy is, once a first pacman -Syu becomes a major update, it is time for a new ISO so new users are not faced with a difficult first update. With the exceptional large amounts of updates the last six weeks most systems will see 70-80% of their install replaced by new packages so a new ISO is more than due. All currently available patches and fixes for the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities in modern processors are included. The Linux 4.14.14 kernel is built with Retpoline enabled, latest AMD aand Intel ucodes are also built into this kernel. As always with this rolling distribution, you will find the very latest packages for the Plasma Desktop, this includes Frameworks 5.42.0, Plasma 5.11.5, KDE Applications 17.12.1. All built on Qt 5.10.0.” Further information can be found in the project’s release announcement. Download (SHA256): KaOS-2018.01-x86_64.iso (1,811MB, signature, pkglist).

About KaOS
KaOS is a desktop Linux distribution that features the latest version of the KDE desktop environment, the Calligra office suite, and other popular software applications that use the Qt toolkit. It was inspired by Arch Linux, but the developers build their own packages which are available from in-house repositories. KaOS employs a rolling-release development model and is built exclusively for 64-bit computer systems.



Recent Related News and Releases
2017-11-15 Distribution Release: KaOS 2017.11
KaOS, a rolling KDE/Qt-centric Linux distribution, has been updated to version 2017.11. Besides the very latest Plasma Desktop (version 5.11.3), the new release also introduces Elisa as the default music player: “KaOS is pleased to announce the 2017.11 release. Just days after Plasma 5.11.3, KDE Applications 17.08.3 and Frameworks 5.40.0 where announced, you can already see these in this new release. Highlights of Plasma 5.11.3 include making sure passwords are stored for all users when KWallet is disabled, synchronize XWayland DPI font to Wayland dpi, notifications optionally store missed and expired notifications in a history, the new Plasma Vault offers strong encryption features presented in a user-friendly way, Window title logic has been unified between X and Wayland windows, default X font DPI to 96 on Wayland. All built on Qt 5.9.2. This release introduces Elisa as the default music player. KaOS users have chosen this option during a recent poll. It has been a few years, but the Juk music player is finally ported to KF5, thus available again in the KaOS repositories.” Read the rest of the release announcement for more information, screenshots and known issues. Download (SHA256): KaOS-2017.11-x86_64.iso (1,762MB, signature, pkglist).
2017-09-02 Distribution Release: KaOS 2017.09
KaOS is an independently developed Linux distribution which focuses on providing a polished collection of KDE/Qt-based software. The project’s latest snapshot, KaOS 2017.09, features a hardened Linux kernel with Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR). The latest snapshot also includes the Nomad firewall utility and the Kooka scanner tool. “It has been a few years, but finally there is an up to date (Qt5/kf5 based) firewall application available again. Nomad-firewall is available on this ISO. A second scan application is added, Kooka (just ported to kf5). This application has quite a few more options than skanlite, so it is nice to be able to add a second (Qt/kf5 based) option for scanning. Krita 3.2 has the new option to use the G’MIC plugin. For that gmic-qt is added to the repositories. With this, the options to add effects to any artwork/image are sheer endless. A change in how printer packages are packaged makes it that now most printers are automatically recognized and setup, no need any longer to run any print wizard. This counts for both Live mode and installed system.” Additional changes are detailed in the project’s release announcement. Download (SHA256): KaOS-2017.09-x86_64.iso (1,747MB, signature, torrent, pkglist).
2017-06-06 Distribution Release: KaOS 2017.06
KaOS 2017.06 has been released. This desktop distribution is one of the first that ship with the recently-released Plasma Desktop 5.10.0 and Qt toolkit 5.9.0: “KaOS is pleased to announce the 2017.06 release. Just days after Qt 5.9.0 and Plasma 5.10.0 were announced, you can already have both in this new release. Highlights of Plasma 5.10.0 include: Task Manager gaining options for new middle mouse clicks, such as grouping and ungrouping applications; media controls and virtual keyboard on lock screen; revamped password dialog for network authentication; performance optimizations in Pager and Task Manager; the security of the lock screen architecture was reworked and simplified; file copying notifications have a context menu on previews. Plasma developers are working on two new Music Players and both are now included in the KaOS repositories. Babe has become the default player on this release, while Elisa is available as an option. Other recent additions include git GUI applications QGit and QDirStat and a graphical application to show where your disk space has gone.” Read the rest of the release announcement for further information and screenshots. Download (MD5): KaOS-2017.06-x86_64.iso (1,723MB, pkglist).
2017-04-11 Distribution Release: KaOS 2017.04
The KaOS development team has announced the release of new installation media for their KDE-focused, rolling release distribution. The new snapshot, KaOS 2017.04, features an improved installer with the ability to use GPT disk layouts on legacy BIOS systems. The project has also introduced a separate Wayland edition of the distribution for people who would like to run KDE’s Plasma desktop on a Wayland session instead of the traditional X display server. Plus, the new release features built-in VirtualBox guest modules for people who wish to run the distribution in a virtual machine. “A nice way of celebrating the fourth anniversary of this distribution is releasing KaOS 2017.04 in two flavors. This time a Plasma Wayland version is added alongside the regular X-based ISO. The Plasma Wayland version is a smaller ISO, ships with a more limited amount of applications than the regular Plasma version. At this stage, a Wayland session can only be run on free graphics drivers and the live mode (plus install) will automatically switch to a regular X-based Plasma session should the user select non-free drivers during boot-up of the Live session. A Wayland session will not run in VirtualBox.” Further information is available in the project’s release announcement. Download (MD5, pkglist): KaOS-2017.04-x86_64.iso (1,708MB), KaOS_Wayland-2017.04-x86_64.iso (1,378MB).
2017-01-06 Distribution Release: KaOS 2017.01
Anke Boersma has announced the release of KaOS 2017.01, a new stable build of the project’s rolling-release, desktop-oriented Linux distribution featuring KDE Plasma 5.8.5: “It is with great pleasure to present to you a first KaOS ISO image for 2017. Starting the new year with a fresh new look. All parts of the Midna artwork have been updated, most notably a new sddm theme that uses a layered QML model. This makes selecting between the default regular Plasma session or optional Wayland much clearer. There is also a new move to the right vertical panel as the default. As always with this rolling distribution, you will find the very latest packages for the Plasma desktop, this includes Frameworks 5.29.0, Plasma 5.8.5, KDE Applications 16.12.0 and not-yet-released ports of KDE Applications. All built on Qt 5.7.1. Linux 4.8.15 has a change as to how the kernel image is created. Instead of using an install file that only gets called on kernel updates, a new hook file is used.” Continue to the release announcement for more information and screenshots. Download (MD5): KaOS-2017.01-x86_64.iso (1,856MB, pkglist).
2016-11-07 Distribution Release: KaOS 2016.11
The developers of KaOS have announced a new snapshot of their KDE-focused, rolling release distribution. The new snapshot, KaOS 2016.11, supports UEFI (though not Secure Boot), improves support for AMD video cards and addresses some issues with Wayland. The old Qt 4 libraries, which are no longer maintained, have been dropped. In their place, Qt 5 continues to be provided. “Most notable major updates to the base of the system are a glib2 2.50.1, FFmpeg 3.2, Linux kernel 4.8.6, systemd 232, Mesa 13.0.0, GStreamer 1.10.0, Poppler 0.48.0 and MariaDB 10.1.18. Linux kernel 4.8 has included support for many more ATI/Radeon cards to start using the amdgpu driver. KaOS repositories no longer provide Qt 4. It is a good three years ago that development for Qt 4 stopped, late 2015 all support including security fixes ended. Any application that has not made the transition to Qt 5 in all this time can no longer be supported in KaOS. The Linux kernel has all the needed ucode build-in for a fully automated Early Microcode update.” Additional information can be found in the project’s release announcement and release notes. Download (MD5): KaOS-2016.11-x86_64.iso (1,779MB, pkglist).
2016-07-23 Distribution Release: KaOS 2016.07
The KaOS project, which provides a rolling release distribution with the latest available KDE software, has released a new snapshot. KaOS 2016.07, provides fresh installation media for the rolling-release distribution. The new snapshot features KDE’s Plasma 5.7 desktop environment and packages built with version 5 of the GNU Compiler Collection. “KaOS is proud to present the 2016.07 ISO. The policy is, once a first pacman -Syu becomes a major update, it is time for a new ISO image so new users are not faced with a difficult first update. With all the needed rebuilds for the move to GCC 5, most systems will see 70 – 80% of their install replaced by new packages so a new ISO is more than due. The Plasma Desktop includes Frameworks 5.24.0, Plasma 5.7.2, KDE Applications 16.04.3 and not yet released ports of KDE Applications. All built on Qt 5.7.0.” The new snapshot features encryption support in the system installer and version 4.6.4 of the Linux kernel. The release announcement and release notes contain further details. Download (MD5): KaOS-2016.07-x86_64.iso (1,781MB, pkglist)
2016-04-22 Distribution Release: KaOS 2016.04
The KaOS team has released a new snapshot of the project’s rolling release distribution. KaOS 2016.04 features a major update to the Qupzilla web browser, KDE’s Plasma 5.6 desktop environment and version 4.4.5 of the Linux kernel. “Not the customary bi-monthly release this time, but celebrating the three-year anniversary of KaOS by releasing 2016.04. Reason for this earlier release is the move to Qt 5.6 and with that an update and/or rebuild of the complete Desktop. QtWebengine has now replaced QtWebkit as the base for the default web-browser Qupzilla. You will find a much better multimedia experience, were full-screen video is now supported, sites like Vimeo just work and there is no longer a need to use the unmaintained since 2012 Flash plugin. Pepperflash is fully compatible with new Qupzilla 2.0. The Plasma Desktop includes Frameworks 5.21.0, Plasma 5.6.2 and KDE Applications 16.04.0.” The release announcement has further details. Download: (1,785MB, MD5, pkglist).


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