David Duvenaud Interview – Composing Graphical Models With Neural Networks – YouTube

David Duvenaud Interview - Composing Graphical Models With Neural Networks

In this episode, we hear from David Duvenaud, assistant professor in the Computer Science and Statistics departments at the University of Toronto. David joined me after his talk at the Deep Learning Summit on “Composing Graphical Models With Neural Networks for Structured Representations and Fast Inference.”

In our conversation, we discuss the generalized modeling and inference framework that David and his team have created, which combines the strengths of both probabilistic graphical models and deep learning methods. He gives us a walkthrough of his use case which is to automatically segment and categorize mouse behavior from raw video, and we discuss how the framework is applied here and for other use cases. We also discuss some of the differences between the frequentist and bayesian statistical approaches.

The notes for this show can be found at twimlai.com/talk/96

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