Vuforia 7/ Unity 2017.3 Download/Install and HelloWorldAR – YouTube

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Vuforia 7/ Unity 2017.3 Download/Install and HelloWorldAR

Vuforia 7/ Unity 2017.3 Download/Install and HelloWorldAR

Hey guys and welcome back. So this lecture is an update to the course using the latest version of Unity at the time of this recording which is Unity 2017.3 . You may also older versions of Unity as prescribed in this course. I used Unity 5.4.3 as most of the lectures were recorded using this version and also gave the least problems. I know people have been having compatibility issues between Vuforia and Unity where students have encounter black or white screens during playback. There was also an issue with laptop webcams not being compatible. I believe that this latest version of Unity 2017.3 will solve these common issues, mainly because Vuforia version 7 (which is the latest version of Vuforia at the time of this recording) is baked right into Unity3D SDK. So hopefully as a result of this collaboration, the bugs should be sorted out.

If you do happen to encounter any issues during this course while using Unity 2017 and Vuforia 7. I suggest completing this course using Unity 5.4.3 with Vuforia 6.2 and thereafter migrating to the latest version of Unity. On top of this, please notify of these issues you encounter in the discussion area, and I will update the course with videos to address these issues. So without further adue, lets get Augmented reality working using the latest Unity 2017.3 and Vuforia 7. We will develop the Hello World of AR which is a floating AR cube to show it works.

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