Vuforia 7 Ground Plane Detection Tutorial – YouTube

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Vuforia 7 Ground Plane Detection Tutorial

Vuforia 7 Ground Plane Detection Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome back. So this lecture we going to be creating our first ground plane experience. Now Ground plane is a new feature from Vuforia 7 and can only be used in Unity 2017.3
So Vuforia Ground Plane forms part of Smart Terrain which enables digital content to be placed on horizontal surfaces in your environment, such as floors and tabletops. It supports the detection and tracking of horizontal surfaces, and also enables you to place content in mid-air using Anchor Points. This feature works similar to plane detection from Apples ARkit and Googles AR core. Ground Plane provides allows developers to create AR experiences ranging from in-home furniture shopping apps to games and design visualizations.

Now a few things to note is that there are very limited devices that support Ground Plane feature as you see here:

If your device is not listed here then don’t worry, we will emulate the ground plane feature, by printing out a ground plane marker. You can find this in Assets-Editor-For Print-Emulator. Print this page and lay it on a flat surface such as a table or floor.

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