Joan Bruna & Michael Bronstein Interview – Geometric Deep Learning – YouTube

Joan Bruna & Michael Bronstein Interview - Geometric Deep Learning

This week on the podcast we’re featuring a series of conversations from the NIPs conference in Long Beach, California. I attended a bunch of talks and learned a ton, organized an impromptu roundtable on Building AI Products, and met a bunch of great people, including some former TWiML Talk guests. This time around I’m joined by Joan Bruna, Assistant Professor at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and the Center for Data Science at NYU, and Michael Bronstein, associate professor at Università della Svizzera italiana (Switzerland) and Tel Aviv University.

Joan and Michael join me after their tutorial on Geometric Deep Learning on Graphs and Manifolds. In our conversation we dig pretty deeply into the ideas behind geometric deep learning and how we can use it in applications like 3D vision, sensor networks, drug design, biomedicine, and recommendation systems. This is definitely a Nerd Alert show, and one that will get your multi-dimensional neurons firing. Enjoy!

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