AI at the NASA Frontier Development Lab – TWiML Talk #89 – YouTube

AI at the NASA Frontier Development Lab - TWiML Talk #89

This week on the podcast we’re featuring a series of conversations from the NIPs conference in Long Beach, California. I attended a bunch of talks and learned a ton, organized an impromptu roundtable on Building AI Products, and met a bunch of great people, including some former TWiML Talk guests. In this episode i’m joined by Sara Jennings, Timothy Seabrook and Andres Rodriguez to discuss NASA’s Frontier Development Lab or FDL. The FDL is an intense 8-week applied AI research accelerator, focused on tackling knowledge gaps useful to the space program.

In our discussion, Sara, producer at the FDL, provides some insight into its goals and structure. Timothy, a researcher at FDL, describes his involvement with the program, including some of the projects he worked on while on-site. He also provides a look into some of this year’s FDL projects, including Planetary Defense, Solar Storm Prediction, and Lunar Water Location. Last but not least, Andres, Sr. Principal Engineer at Intel’s AIPG, joins us to detail Intel’s support of the FDL, and how the various elements of the Intel AI stack supported the FDL research. This is a jam packed conversation, so be sure to check the show notes page at for all the links and tidbits from this episode.

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