‘Machines That Think’ predicts the future of artificial intelligence

… Musk warn of the threats artificial intelligence presents, others, including Mark Zuckerberg … that require programming acumen, emotional intelligence or creativity. AI also has … impacts are in our hands. “Artificial intelligence can lead us down many … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Carl Sagan – A Personal Voyage – By Brian Cox – YouTube

Physicist and broadcaster Brian Cox presents a tribute to his science hero, the American astronomer Carl Sagan, the man who many people describe as the greatest populariser of science of all time. His landmark television series Cosmos was seen by more than 60 million people…

Principles of Scientific Knowledge Engineering – YouTube

Gully Burns, Research Lead at USC Information Sciences Institute, presents a webinar titled, “Principles of Scientific Knowledge Engineering.” Video Description Developing any sort of scientific informatics system requires a model of how the data is structured: a schema. In this talk, Gully will talk about…

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