EU urged to boost artificial intelligence and cyber security research

… needs to boost investment in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity research if it … an interview, Rüttgers argues that artificial intelligence should get extra EU attention … add separate funding lines for artificial intelligence and security/connectivity. He … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Report: China Beating US in Artificial Intelligence Arms Race

Growing investment and greater access to data about people is giving China the edge in the race to develop artificial intelligence, according to news reports Thursday. “The Chinese government’s thoughtful investment in AI is a huge accelerator,” Andrew Ng, a former Google executive who now…

Aubrey de Grey – The Biotechnology Industry Against Aging – YouTube

Recorded, 10 November 2017 A growing sum of company and investment capital is making its way into the study of aging with the aim not only of extending healthspan -but also of studying the link between the processes of aging with a view to halting…

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