Will.i.am on Michael Jackson, Artificial Intelligence and veganism

… investment is going into artificial intelligence than human intelligence. ‘Think about it,’ he … ’t fear the rise of artificial intelligence, because it’s coming and … people working in technology and artificial intelligence trying to make a better … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

The Consumerization of Artificial Intelligence | @ExpoDX #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #DigitalTransformation

… machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence frameworks into their development and … and Deep Learning Microprocessor Specialization Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning … Potent Artificial Intelligence Chip Next Year” The post The Consumerization of Artificial Intelligence appeared … VISIT THE SOURCE…

GreenWaves Technologies Unveils GAP8, the Industry’s Lowest Power IoT Application Processor, Enabling Groundbreaking Embedded Artificial Intelligence at the Very Edge

… consumer product manufacturers to integrate artificial intelligence and advanced classification into new … power processor enabling battery operated artificial intelligence (AI) in Internet of Things … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Zero Padding in Convolutional Neural Networks explained

In this video, we start out by explaining the motivation for zero padding and then we get into the details about what zero padding actually is. We then talk about the types of issues we may run into if we don’t use zero padding, and…

No Quick Fix in Solving UK Crime Even Artificial Intelligence Would Struggle

… Introducing more technology such as artificial intelligence into police work will be … 2, 2018 Slight benefit Accepting artificial intelligence and machines can narrow down … have equipped their personnel with artificial intelligence glasses that help them screen … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

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VRidge 2.0 – HTC Vive emulator A software that allows you to change your phone into HTC Vive headset gets a huge 2.0 update. BIALYSTOK, PODLASKIE, POLAND, January 30, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — VRidge – A software that emulates HTC Vive on Cardboard receives a huge…

Artificial intelligence will soon help paramedics recognize heart attacks

January 28, 2018 When someone goes into cardiac arrest, “the chance of survival decreases about 10 percent with each minute,” said Adele Peters at Fast Company​. Time is of the essence. Recognizing that the patient has actually entered cardiac arrest — the first step in…

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