Imagining The Singularity: What Happens When Computers Transcend Us?

February 8th, 2018 As computers and artificial intelligence grow in power and capability, it seems ever more likely that we’re approaching “the singularity”: the point where machine intelligence exceeds human intelligence. Could this be the dawn of a technological paradise? Or it could trigger humanity’s…

The Great AI Debate – NIPS2017 – Yann LeCun

The first ever debate at a Neural Information Processing Systems conference. Position: Interpetability is necessary for machine learning For: Rich Caruana, Patrice Simard Against: Kilian Weinberger, Yann LeCun. December 9th, 2017

EBL introduces artificial intelligence for faster services

Eastern Bank Ltd has launched the country’s first ever artificial intelligence-based chatbot to render faster services to clients, in a development that can be viewed as a milestone for Bangladesh’s banking sector. A computer programme that conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods, chatbots…

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