The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress – Steven Pinker

Recorded March 19th, 2018 Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress is a 2018 book written by Canadian-American cognitive scientist Steven Pinker. It uses statistics to argue that health, prosperity, safety, peace, and happiness are on the rise, both in the West…

The Ascent of Man – Jacob Bronowski Interview

One of Bronowski’s final interviews in 1974. Jacob Bronowski was a British mathematician, historian of science, theatre author, poet and inventor. He was also the presenter and writer of the 1973 BBC television documentary series, The Ascent of Man, and the accompanying book.

Lighthill Artificial Intelligence Debate – John McCarthy & James Lighthill

The legendary 1973 Lighthill Artificial Intelligence Debate featuring James Lighthill, Donald Michie, Richard Gregory and John McCarthy. The Lighthill report is the name commonly used for the paper “Artificial Intelligence: A General Survey” by James Lighthill, published in Artificial Intelligence: a paper symposium in 1973….

Bill Gates – Message to Washington

Filmed March 15th, 2018 Bill Gates sat down with Politico for a wide ranging interview ahead of the Microsoft founder’s meeting with the President. Mr. Gates said he would press upon the president the benefit of foreign aid and how the combination of taxpayer dollars…

Elon Musk – Artificial Intelligence, Neuralink & New Forms of Government on Mars

Elon Musk discussed his concerns about artificial intelligence and his hope for forming a symbiosis with AI through his Neuralink company at SXSW on March 11th, 2018. Musk also spoke about the prospects for complete renewable energy production, space-based internet and the new types of…

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