DeepBrain Chain, the First Artificial Intelligence Computing Platform Driven by Blockchain

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is an Artificial Intelligence Computing Platform driven by
blockchain. The DBC project is for global AI computing resource sharing
and resource scheduling because many small businesses do not have the
money to buy expensive GPU servers, but many companies have a large
number of GPU servers which are idle. Scheduling global resources and
increasing the utilization efficiency of resources are of positive
significance regarding the AI business computing costs reduction. Its
vision aims at providing a decentralized AI Computing platform, which is
low cost, private, flexible, and safe.

DeepBrain Chain platform
serves the interests of several parties.
Firstly, the Miner’s main income is rewarded with token from mining.
Secondly, AI companies just pay small amounts to run. Thirdly, the Chain
uses the smart contract to separate the data provider and data trainer
physically. Thus, it protects the data of the provider. The interests of
three major parties can be reconciled with the advanced technology. When
AI factories’ user requirements are in peak or trough, DeepBrain Chain
can also automatically adjust. If some nodes of DBC are attacked by
hackers, the remaining nodes are working well as usual. DBC makes sure
AI factories’ operations will never be interrupted.

The top scientists team, mode innovation and product landing form three
distinctive advantages of the project. DeepBrain was awarded First Prize
in the Enterprise Sector of the SMP First Evaluation of Chinese
Human-Computer Dialogue Technology when more than thirty national top AI
teams participated in this competition.

DBC is the first AI computing platform driven by blockchain. It is a new
attempt between AI and Digital Currency. The company introduced its
cloud platform in May 2017 and already created a working product with
over 100 manufacturers using the platform including Microsoft, Samsung,
Siemens, and Lenovo. There are more than 100 client experiences proving
the DeepBrain Cloud Platform’s high performance.

DBC features a strong alliance with NEO (considered the “Ethereum of
China”). It is currently touring the USA, Ireland, Holland, Germany and
other countries. The DBC tokens have been listed on the exchanges
including Lbank, Kucoin,, Allcoin and

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