10 thousand (10’000) Subscriber Milestone Reached Arduino Startups – YouTube

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10 thousand (10'000) Subscriber Milestone Reached Arduino Startups

10 thousand Subscriber Milestone Reached Arduino Startups

Hey guys, I just want to make a little video to say Happy New Year and thank you to all my viewers and people who are subscribed to my channel Arduino Startups. I now have over 10 000 subscribers to my channel it should be close 13000 subscribers at the time of making this video. A huge Thank you to all you guys and I really appreciate the support and comments I’ve been getting. For now I just want to talk about what we do here at Arduino Startup and where we are headed during 2018.

So bit of history on me and this channel. My name Ritesh Kanjee and I have Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering. I started this YouTube channel and on Udemy around mid-2015. Initially we specialized on training videos on PCB design in Altium and Arduinos, hence the channel Name Arduino Startups which is a subsidiary of the company Lumina Inova (Which is short for ilLumination Innovation). Our vision is to teach people valuable and scarce engineering, computer and data science skills, that will help them light the way toward innovation in technology. We do this by teaching courses on these topics in a fun and intuitive way that maximizes knowledge retention and all providing practical courses for our students to learn by doing. So yeah that is what we do in a nutshell.

So for people who are subscribed to my channel, I have just recently completed my Fun and Easy Machine Learning course on both Udemy and YouTube, with the Udemy course having practical python labs on top of the machine learning intuition videos. I also have courses in PCB design, Xilinx FPGAs, Microcontroller protocols, C++ App development, Augmented Reality, Game Design, Business management and Webpage design. You can check the discount link of all these courses in the description down below.
Now in 2018, we want to focus more on Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) or maybe even a combination of the two. There is a lot we can create on these two topics alone so, we would like for you to comment on this video on what topics you would like for us to cover. Would you like for us to cover on a particular tool such ARkit/ARCore in Augmented Reality, or Deep learning tools like tensor flow, keras or pytorch. What are you struggling with the most, if a lot of people require help with a particular niche, we will consider creating both a Youtube and Udemy video on the topic, but ofcourse, our Udemy courses will have more perks than the free Youtube content.

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