Statistics 101 – Statistics Assignment

Statistics 101 - Statistics Assignment

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Welcome to the Statistics 101 course, taught by Murtaza Haider, Assistant Professor at Ryerson University.

Statistics is one of the most challenging topics to learn, but Murtaza brings a gentle introduction to statistics in practice. Learn about descriptive statistics, variance, probability, correlation, and data visualization.

This Statistics 101 course ends with a fully-guided #statistics exercise exploring the “hot” topic of: do good looking professors get better teaching evaluations?

A free trial of SPSS Statistics is included in this course.


Split into five modules, this is a beginner’s course covering the fundamentals of statistics. Start with mean, mode, and median. Then learn about standard deviation using examples from basketball.

Learn about probability with dice. Learn what it means to group data by categorical variables, and how you can transform your data into appropriate graphs and charts.

In the final module, using an open data set, learn whether good looking professors indeed get better teaching evaluations.

This course is taught using SPSS Statistics. No prior experience necessary. A free trial is available through this course, available here: SPSS Statistics (Free Trial).

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